1601 N. Main Street, Suite 101 | Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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Our Clients Love Us!

I have pretty much gone there to get quick print/fax jobs done, while working at the coffee-shop next door, on couple occasions. Real great location, and superb customer service. I haven’t compared the prices with any other in the area, but the prices seemed very, very reasonable. An acknowledgement is due as to how strategically and conveniently placed this copy place is, for the numerous people that work/study next door at the coffee shop! I’ll continue looking them up for the variety of other services they offer as well. (Snowy W. from Yelp.com)

These five stars are all to the credit of one woman who was working the store. I don’t know her name but she was amazing. One of the printers was jammed so I had to wait a little while just to print one sheet of paper. She was very concerned about my wait time and kept checking in to see if I was in a hurry. She also called everyone who came into the store “love” which won me over instantly. I waited about 15 minutes to print my one sheet and then she said “that one’s on me, you waited too long!”

Such a delight to find warm and personable service even in a hurried environment where everyone is trying to get a last minute printing job done. (Adrienne R. from Yelp.com)

Fair prices, great service, meticulous and detail oriented. She provides options and makes recommendations. What more can you ask for ?  I had a great experience at CopyMat in Walnut Creek. Thank you! (Al B. from Yelp.com)

Sandra is the best.  I never  saw this store before, even though it is directly across the street from the copy store I go to regularly (Sandra used to work there, too).  FedEx service is what I needed today, but the customer service is the best!  Sandra is always extraordinarily cheerful and helpful.  Thank you. (Jason R. from Yelp.com)

Great place for copy services. Sandy and Shawn are thorough, competent, and so nice to work with.  They ask relevant questions so that they get your order right. They even brought things to my attention that I had not thought of.  I will not hesitate to use them again. (Lucia B. from Yelp.com)

Excellent service….. The only copy center I will use in Walnut Creek. I would highly recommend Copymat! (Robert B from Yelp.com)

Been here twice, very good customer service, two small jobs, but they were great, they specialize in doing a lot of work for attorneys too, great place to go, they do faxes and all! (Timothy C. from Yelp.com)

Been going here for over 2 years, this is the nicest copy shop you will ever find. They are very kind and honest and willing to help you with your project no matter the size.

I have gone in there for both very large reproduction jobs (thousands of sheets) or simple unbinding of books. Definitely stop by and see what they have to offer, I am so happy I found them! (Alex W. from Yelp.com)

I have had a mail box at Copymat Walnut Creek for over a year now and I like the company’s reliable and friendly service.  The owner and his employee are knowledgeable about the business and always willing to share a few friendly words during a visit.  Smiles, even when they’re busy!  I chose the company because of its steady, local business presence in the area. (Ben O. from Yelp.com)